Erin GEiger Smith

Hi. I'm a freelance reporter writing lifestyle stories for publications including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Among the topics I've covered are corporate sponsorships at children's museums (baby Bank of America!), how online clothing retailers get inside your head, the cult following for Mexican Coke, the cult following for certain bright, young greeting card-makers (okay, I was the cult follower there), and how super Type A planners conquer Disney World. I frequently talk to creative executives about their decorating desires and favorite places to escape.

To satisfy my fitness-loving side, I investigated things like why patterned leggings were suddenly everywhere, how the intense Juice Press founder stays so fit, and why boutique regulars are frustrated with ClassPass. There's been some fashion coverage mixed in -- is the dickey really back??? -- while also regularly reporting on everyone's favorite pastime, imbibing.  I've learned about cocktails on tap, how to preserve a bottle of wine when you lack that 1,500 bottle wine cellar, how breweries draw crowds with one-off beers, and why one craft company saw sales skyrocket when they brought a chimp home from space (via the art on their carefully considered can). 

Before freelancing, I worked at Reuters and Business Insider covering legal news. I graduated from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, The University of Texas School of Law, and the University of Texas at Austin. I grew up in Liberty, Texas and now live in Manhattan with my husband Bryan and our 4-year-old son Reed.